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This firm’s mission is to provide high quality, professional and comprehensive legal representation with a personal touch.  Our consultations are an opportunity to get to know you, understand your legal needs now and in the future, and begin to build a relationship that continues to benefit you in the years to come.

We are licensed in New York and New Jersey and are located in beautiful Rockland County, New York and Bergen County, New Jersey.  We proudly service the legal needs of our community as well as clients across the country and around the world.

A Message for Prospective Clients

Lauren Murray, Esq.

Lauren Murray, Esq.

Dear Prospective Client,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my firm’s website and learn about what we do.  It is a pleasure to meet you.  The Lauren Murray Law Offices, LLC is dedicated to serving the needs of families in Rockland and beyond.  We help you buy or sell your home.  We help you build your family through third party assisted reproduction or adoption.  “Family” is the common theme running through our work.

On a daily basis, I have the privilege of walking young couples through the process of buying their first home and assisting senior client couples and individuals as they prepare to trade their current house for a retirement home.  What a pleasure to accompany these clients as they close one chapter of their lives and open a new one.

The family building years are always an adventurous chapter in a person’s life.  I have the privilege of providing legal guidance and assistance to hundreds of individuals and couples seeking to start or augment their families through assisted reproduction.   This assistance has taken various forms.  I draft and negotiate ovum, sperm and embryo donation agreements.  In connection with gestational carrier arrangements, I draft and negotiate gestational carrier agreements, perform reviews of the health insurance policies to anticipate potential coverage problems, and complete adoptions or legal parentage actions to ensure that intended parents receive legal recognition as the parents of their newborns.

In my experience, reproductive law is one of the most rewarding areas of law.  In addition to providing a legal service of increasing importance to many, it is a cutting-edge field of law offering intrepid legal professionals the opportunity to make new law.  I am proud of my involvement in ground-breaking legal cases in New York State recognizing the right of same-sex married women to both be listed on the birth certificates of children born in their marriage and recognizing the right of a genetic mother to seek a judicial declaration of maternity for her genetic child carried by a gestational carrier rather than establish her legal parentage through adoption.  Assisted reproductive technologies are constantly evolving and the responsibility of a reproductive attorney is to push the legal system to evolve as well.

At one time or another in our lives, everyone needs the services of a “good” attorney.  I am honored to lend my legal knowledge and experience to those clients in need of representation in my local community, New York, New Jersey and even around the world.  I look forward to working with you.

Very truly yours,

Lauren Murray, Esq.

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